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Snap Judgments/Oakland Ink

I know this has been mentioned in the DLD, but this kind of thing just cracks me up.

Most lopsided trade
  1. The Diamondbacks traded for A's starter Dan Haren, who could give new Arizona teammate Brandon Webb a run for the Cy Young as the two go back-to-back for the next three years. Maybe by the end of the 2010 season, the A's and a couple of the six mostly no-name players they received in this swap will be back to competing.

I mean, seriously, how can someone say something like this unless they're only looking at 2008 and nothing beyond that? Then again, this guy seems to think that Brad Lidge will suddenly be a closer again and that Barry Bonds will be signing with the A's, so it kind of shows how much he keeps up with things. And I love how because someone in the traditional media hasn't heard of Carlos Gonzalez that he's one of a bunch of "no-names".

I'm not angry about it because I can see how someone looking strictly ahead to the upcoming year would feel that way about the A's dealing Haren. I just think that the traditional media is so focused on the here and now that they can never project longer than the immediate future. Then they all write in 2009/2010 about how the A's are suddenly great again with a bunch of no-names.

Any way, over the Christmas break I saw my brother and he showed me a new tattoo that he has of the Red Sox logo (in between the names of his children and his wife). It got me to wondering how many ANers might have an A's tattoo.

I'm kind of torn. While it is cool to see someone take sports so seriously that they have it permanently marked in their skin, I kind of reserve that level of devotion for my wife and daughter (I've got both of their names inked on my left arm since it's closest to my heart). Don't get me wrong, I considered for quite a while getting an A's logo, but I thought about it long and hard and decided that if something is going to be etched into me, there should love going both ways.

If you do have an A's tattoo, I'd love to see what it looks like, so grab that digital camera, snap a photo and insert it into the comments. Well, unless it's somewhere indecent (ahem, Sharon and Jennifer).