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2008 Projections – Pitchers

In case you missed Sunday’s post, I pulled the numbers for some of our current A’s players from Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster.

From a couple of sources regarding this publication:

Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster is the longest-running publication for baseball analysts and fantasy league players, running every year since 1986. Rob Neyer of called this book "indispensable" and said, "If you don't have the Baseball Forecaster at draft time, you're only cheating yourself." This book offers projections based on player performance with analytical support to back up those projections.

I updated Travis Buck’s numbers to the following, since I copied them wrong in the initial post:

Travis Buck
AB: 411
HR: 12
RBI: 45
BA: .285
OBP: .354
SLG: .485

I have no problem with Shandler’s offensive predictions. As it stands right now, our offense is positively pedestrian, which should come as no surprise to anyone who watched the team last year. To some extent, we really do have to hope for the best; that Chavez will be better than he’s been in 3 years, that Crosby won’t get injured and/or suck, and that a couple other players (Swisher, I’m looking at you), will have career years, above their expected numbers.

In regards to our pitching staff, their predictions are below:

218 IP
1.30 WHIP
4.10 ERA

189 IP
1.44 WHIP
4.28 ERA

94 IP
1.36 WHIP
4.43 ERA

81 IP
1.28 WHIP
3.80 ERA

35 Saves
1.09 WHIP
3.26 ERA

All I have to say is that if Rich Harden manages 81 innings pitched, I will be shocked.

What do you all think?