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Brand New AN Coming Soon

Fellow ANers, I just wanted to let you know that we've been working on a brand new blogging platform for a long, long time. The incremental steps that we took in making the comments auto-refresh was just an attempt at adding some existing functionality to our site.

But this will be a complete revamp. The whole look of the page will be completed different, so sometime in February when you log on, you will think that you might've stumbled onto the wrong page. We will be integrating so many more features and so many things that people have wanted for a long time that it will hopefully make nearly everyone happy (I know on the Internet, that's an impossible task).

It's been a long and arduous process, but we're in the final phases and it should launch very soon. It's been a bit of a "rebuilding" process, if you will. Billy's been doing it and so have we. I guess I also could say that it's like Eric Chavez getting rebuilt into Steve Austin, but I liked the A's analogy better.

I can't give you much more details than that (I can't really answer questions), but I did want to prime ANers and let you know that it was coming. So stay tuned.