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And if 3 hours of losing wasn't enough...

...try five.

What did I do to deserve the game today? What did we all do to deserve this season? How has it come to us watching the battle for the cellar on a Sunday afternoon between two teams who are not very good at baseball? Even if you hate football, that channel must have been tempting.

What a different a year makes. Last year at this time, we were nailing down the division, making playoff plans, and playing games that counted. I look back and can’t believe I ever complained about anything last year; offense or pitching. The team right now is so unbelievably awful that it’s stopped being funny and started being just sad. And painful.

Even while scoring nine basically meaningless runs, the A's still managed a way to leave a hundred and six men on base (actually thirteen, but felt like more), their starting pitcher got shelled and was not helped by their terrible defense, and the game just would never end.

And now the A's find themselves swept by the Rangers, are smack in the middle of a race to the bottom of the division, and for everyone, including most fans, October can't come soon enough.

What an ugly weekend.

The A's lose 12-9, Ellis and Swisher provided the bulk of the offense; the latter with two homeruns (the very definition of 'too little, too late'), and now the A's 'get' to go to Seattle and play a frustrated Mariners team, whose playoff hopes fell short a month ago when they stopped winning games.

We feel ya'.

Here's to Spring Training! <raises glass>