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Open Thread: Game 144 - A's at Texas

Well, the good news is that football starts today! I imagine that hordes of baseball fans are jumping ship and are gratefully assimilating into the NFL madness. I sincerely hope that all A’s fans this season have a pony to root for in the NFL, because if they don’t, they are left with today’s baseball game, which sees Lenny DiNardo trying to prevent the Texas Rangers from sweeping the A’s and dumping them all the way into the cellar. Yes, the Rangers. Yes, the cellar.

Meanwhile, the A’s ‘offense’ will take on Kevin Millwood, as they try to score more runs than the Rangers.



I. Kinsler 2b
J. Hairston Jr. 3b
M. Young ss
S. Sosa dh
M. Byrd cf
J. Botts lf
N. Cruz rf
G. Laird c
J. Saltalamacchia 1b


K. Thompson cf
J. Hannahan 3b
N. Swisher rf
J. Cust dh
M. Ellis 2b
D. Johnson 1b
D. Murphy ss
R. Bowen c
J. DaVanon lf