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Open Thread: Game 143 - A's at Texas

No one ever said Beane's streak of winning seasons would Live-4-Ever.

Now, the A's have to go 12-8 to avoid slipping below .500.

And they've got to start by going through ... MENDOZAAAAAAA!!!

Gaudin pitches for the A's.

Swisher keeps giving Geren a reason to bat him lower, and Geren keeps accommodating him. C'mon, Bob, give the poor lad a day off in the Texas heat. (If Swisher starts tomorrow, I expect he'll just die.)

Ellis, at least, has earned a night off.

And DaVanon, apparently, has done something to anger the baseball gods.



Stewart LF
Scutaro 2B
Cust RF
Piazza DH
Johnson 1B
Swisher CF
Hannahan Solo Home Run 3B
Murphy SS
Suzuki C


Ratalanotto 1B?!?
Kinsler 2B
Young SS
Byrd CF
Botts LF
Blalock DH
Cruz RF
Saltalacaramelmacchiatto C
Vazquez 3B