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Open Thread: Game 142 - A's at Texas

At a time of year the A’s were hoping to fight the Angels for first place, instead they go into Texas fighting to make sure they avoid last place. The A’s aren’t messin’ around either—ace Danny Haren takes the hill to take another stab at win #15, opposed by the man who invented the light bulb, Edinson Volquez.

Geren’s lineup has the same players in different places, with Nick Swisher dropped down to the #6 hole and “best A’s power-hitting 2Bman ever” Mark Ellis batting second. Not sure why Donnie Murphy doesn’t get the start, but hopefully his oblique feels ok following his outstanding return to the lineup on Wednesday.

Said lineups:

Stewart – LF
Ellis – 2B
Cust – RF
Piazza – DH
Johnson – 1B
Swisher – CF
Scutaro – SS
Hannahan – 3B
Suzuki – C

Dogalanotto – LF
Kinsler – 2B
Young – SS
Byrd – CF
Wilkerson – RF
Laird – C
Blalock – DH
Saltalamacchia – 1B
Vazquez – 3B