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Open Thread: Game 140 - A's at Rodentville

Suddenly, all three division races are looking locked up in the American League, though you know managers understand not to take anything for granted when you see K-Rod warming up twice in a blowout win. Still, at one time the A’s hoped this series would be highly meaningful for Oakland, and when that didn’t pan out they figured at least they could try to play spoiler. Now…If you’re not impacting the Wild Card race, you’re pretty much helping to play out the string, I’m afraid. A whole different scene in the NL; interesting contrast.

Among the A’s auditioning for a more secure job in 2008 is lefty Lenny DiNardo, who draws Jered Weaver as his opponent. The starting lineups:

Stewart – LF
Swisher – CF
Cust – RF
Piazza – DH
Johnson – 1B
Ellis – 2B
Hannahan – 3B
Scutaro – SS
Bowen – C

Cabrera – SS
Kendrick – 2B
Guerrero – RF
Anderson – LF
Morales – 1B
Quinlan – 3B
Matthews – CF
Rivera – DH
Mathis – C