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Open Labor Day Thread: The Two Jacks

I am actually doing something today that should make ANers very happy very soon. So in the meantime, here is an open thread for you to play with. Oh and I think I really like Jack Hannahan.

With him and Cust, I think I'm loving getting to know The Two Jacks.

The A's start their final series in Anaheim tonight with the goal in sight that I talked about a week or so ago. They just need to take the series. Gaudin takes on Santana tonight. First pitch is 6:05 p.m. Happy Labor Day!!!

Oh and one final note. Mrs. Blez successfully ran a Half Marathon this morning that went through Disneyland. She couldn't have made me more proud and I just wanted to wish her a very public congratulations for achieving one of her major life goals. She did it in just under three hours and Maya and I were there waiting for her at the finish line. My wife is truly my hero.