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Is the Dallas Braden Experiment over?

Inland Empire 3, A's 2

I'm not sure which was shorter today -- Dallas Braden's start, or the AN game thread.

A tough irony for Braden, in that the one start in a long time where he seemed to be relatively effective in shutting down the opposition, he was pulled after 3 innings.

Whether it's his health, or the absence of the scroogie, or just general AAAA-level only-make-it-through-the-opposing-lineup-once stuff, Braden hasn't really demonstrated much to give the A's hope for him in the rotation in '08 and beyond.

Meanwhile, the A's hitters must have been out on a picnic at a non-WiFi-enabled park somewhere with the bulk of the AN membership. Hope you kept the potato salad chilled all afternoon, guys.

Daric Barton, though, did show up, and continued his streak of reaching base in every MLB game in which he's played in '07. And Dan Johnson and Shannon Stewart, in what could be the waning of their days as A's, chipped in a couple hits each.

In a final depressing note, ultimate possession of the AL West cellar is out of the A's control: they currently reside a half-game behind Texas, which means that the Rangers can guarantee their own third-place finish with a win tonight and tomorrow.

The A's finish the '07 season tomorrow. Gaudin vs Weaver the Younger and Evene Goofier-Looking, 1:05 PT.