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ERA Champ Bests Haren (And Carmona)

Vlad Guerrero drove in both runs as John Lackey ran his career record against Oakland to 12-3. Final Score: Angels 2, A’s 0.

Among my favorite ways to spend an evening is not to watch one of my very least favorite pitchers blank us for 7 innings – and win the ERA crown in the process – so that one of my very least favorite relievers can get the save. At least K-Rod was so busy making the run to first base that he forgot to celebrate like it was the 7th game of the World Series. Then again, among my favorite ways to spend an evening is to hear Ken Korach say, “The Yankees have been eliminated from the AL East race,” so that helped.

I know Danny Haren’s second half paled in comparison to his first half, and was not dominant. But I also want to point out that Haren and Josh Beckett—who is perhaps the favorite to win the Cy Young award—had virtually the same season. With the one exception that Beckett plays for a team that will often win if he gives up 4-5 runs. Like Haren, Beckett started strong (9-0) and then settled into being merely good, and finished with a higher ERA than Haren. So no, Haren was not brilliant after the All-Star Break, but yes, overall he was great in 2007. Not good, great. And a true highlight in a season that was bullish on disappointments. Hats off to the A’s ace.