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Open Thread: Game 160 - A's vs. Angels

Danny Haren makes his final start of the season tonight, opposed by the pride of Assholia, John Lackey. Haren comes in with a 3.12 ERA, Lackey a 3.11 ERA (Fausto Carmona, currently leading the league, finishes the regular season with an ERA of 3.06).

It’s sad to think that in January, tonight looked like a big game. Sad to say, I am neither on pins nor on needles as I had once hoped to be—but I do fully intend to enjoy A’s baseball for one last weekend!

The lineups:

Figgins – 3B
Cabrera – SS
Guerrero – DH
Anderson – LF
Kotchman – 1B
Rivera – RF
Kendrick – 2B
Napoli – C
Willits – CF

Stewart – LF
Barton – 1B
Swisher – CF
Cust – RF
Piazza – DH
Ellis – 2B
Scutaro – SS
Hannahan – 3B
Suzuki – C