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Countdown to .500 at 6

A's 9, Indians 3

Yeah, Beane should definitely trade that bum Mark Ellis.

Ellis continued to demonstrate that he belongs in the top 2/3 of the lineup, cracking a homer and a double, and driving in 3. Ellis, if he were to really catch fire in the last week of the season, could conceivably end up leading the A's in RBIs for the season.

The Two Jacks pitched in with strong contributions at the plate, Hannahan getting things started with a 2-run double, and Cust finishing things off with a 2-run bomb.

In between, there were a whole lot of doubles by the A's, and a whole lot of dealing by Dan Haren, who finally nailed down his 15th win.

So, yes, this is what it's come down to in '07: hanging on meaningless statistics like a .500 winning percentage, individual batter RBI counts, and individual pitcher win counts.