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Open Thread: Game 156 - A's at Cleveland

Countdown to .500 begins ... now.

If the A's don't want to finish with a losing record, they have to run the table the rest of the way.

Starting tonight, with Dan Haren trying once again for win #15 against Paul "Hi, my name is Paul, and I've enriched Mitt Romney by untold thousands of dollars" Byrd.

Anyone know what happened to Donnie Murphy? Is his strain still bothering him, or does he have Melhuse Syndrome?

And, in news of the sun-rises-in-east/dog-bites-man/monkeyball-flings-poo variety, mikeA's grip on his $20 bill becomes yet a little more tenuous.



Stewart LF
Baron Von Barton 1B
Swisher CF
Cust RF
Johnson DH
Ellis 2B
Scutaro SS
Hannahan 3B
Suzuki C


Sizemore CF
Cabrera 2B
Hafner DH
Martinez 1B
Peralta SS
Blake 3B
Lofton LF
Gutierrez RF
Shoppach C