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Stand And Don't Deliver

A 3-run 6th inning, featuring back-to-back HRs by Garko and Peralta, proved to be the difference: Indians 4, A’s 3.

I hope I don’t have to become one of those fans who says, “It was our 5th loss in a row but hey, there were some good signs for the future…” Still, as Suzuki drove in Hannahan, as Cust got the A’s back in the game with a 2-run HR, and as Jerry Blevins retired all five batters he faced, it’s hard not to mentally add Swisher, Buck, (Harden), Duchscherer, Street and think…maybe this time next year we win this game…and many others…

Anyway, I don’t know about you but what sticks in my mind, and my craw, is how this game ended. The content was the same as if a pop up and a grounder to third had dashed our hopes, and the rally (ok, one out single) was trying to get to our .236-hitting clean up hitter. Still, our #2 and #3 hitters ended the game called out on strikes with the tying run at first base and go ahead run at the plate. 5 of the 6 strikes were called, in fact. Sometimes I feel that I, as a fan, want to drive in a run more than my team’s hitter does. No I don’t want the A’s to become the team that swings, early and often, at pitches in the dirt. But c’mon. Seriously.