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Open Thread: Game 138 - A's vs. Tigers

Hey! Dallas Braden is back! He'll be making his eleventh start with the A's today, hoping to have a better time out than the last, when he gave up approximately a million runs in one inning to the Tigers. (It felt like that, anyway).

He will be facing Nate Robertson as the A's try to take the rubber game of the series.

The Sharp fan forecast meter has Detroit with a 60% chance of winning the game. I have given myself a 100% chance of being hot today. It is ridiculously hot in SoCal right now.


Their 2007 Detroit Tigers:

Maybin (CF)
Polanco (2B)
Raburn (RF)
Ordoñez (DH)
Thames (LF)
Hessman (1B)
Rabelo (C)
Inge (3B)
Santiago (SS)

Your 2007 Oakland Athletics:

Stewart (LF)
Swisher (CF)
Cust (RF)
Piazza (DH)
Johnson (1B)
Ellis (2B)
Hannahan (3B)
Scutaro (SS)
Suzuki (C)