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Open Thread: Game 153 - A's vs. Mariners

My exact words one minute ago: “Oh crap! I didn’t post the game thread!”

It’s Chad Gaudin vs. Jeff Weaver tonight as the A’s try to bounce back from a shutout at the hands of a poet with lousy control, hyphenated-guy, and a Cal Bear. This is the second series in a row where I have watched the opposing SS and said, “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I wish we had you.”

Tonight’s joke of a lineup features Dan Johnson batting both .235 and cleanup, with a 6-9 that would probably bat in those positions for Midland. Luckily, the opposing pitcher sucks. Wait, that didn’t help yesterday!

Today’s “fun fact”: Greg Maddux, who is pitching for the Padres tonight, last issued a walk on July 28th, 10 starts ago. Like, wow.

The lineups:

Ichiro – CF
Beltre – 3B
Ibañez – LF
Guillen – RF
Broussard – 1B
Vidro – DH
Johjima – C
Lopez – 2B
Betancourt – SS

Stewart – LF
Barton – 1B
Cust – RF
Johnson – DH
Ellis – 2B
Scutaro – SS
Hannahan – 3B
Suzuki – C
DaVanon – CF