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[A's lose 4-0 to the Mariners.]

It's funny, just when I start to feel good about the A's offense and the prospects for 2008 they throw me a huge 12-to-6 curveball and make Miguel Batista look like Cy Young. It felt like one of those nights where the A's could get plenty of baserunners, but they could never come up with that big hit. For example, Jack Cust comes up in a huge spot in the first inning and can't get anything, but he comes up in the fourth and whacks a double. I understand the situation is different the pitch selection is probably different, but we've gotten used to that as A's fans over the last few years.

I just feel bad for Haren. The A's got together and decided to get Haren exactly zero runs on his birthday. I honestly thought that the difference would wind up being the three-run home run because it didn't seem like the A's were going to get shut out. Alas, they did.

One quick note...check out this diary. Apparently the Ranger fans are siding with their sociopathic pitcher. Hey, stay classy, Texas. I know that you haven't had any excitement over your baseball team in years and things like this bring out the inner-maniac in all of us, but how can you really side with that pitcher? Any way, go ahead and have your joy. The only thing your team wins in recent years are chair or cameraman throwing contests. Oh and apparently hitting players that whack around your horrid pitching.