Can you believe this crap?!?!?!

  Ok, we all know that I ADORE NICK SWISHER, and there was nothing better than watching him charge the mound. It was cool. Nick has always played it cool, laid back, etc. He had to do what he had to. I wouldn't put up with that crap either. Padilla has always been a bitch. I've never like the guy. He's a pitcher that plays dirty.
   So anyway, I'm just googling myself around the internet and I came upon this Here
For one, calling Nick Swisher a sissy because he went to tackle Padilla is stupid. When I was taught to scrap, I was told you go for the waist. You go for the take down. You knock them down, hold them down, and start throwing fists. How is that sissy? Even Swish admits that he wasn't in best scrapping form!!
 If you watch the fight, other Rangers players jump on Swish, and where's Padilla? walking away from the dog pile.
 I once saw a shirt that said "Don't make fun of Texas, it's not nice to make fun of retards" and this guy proves it.
 I had to vent, and I thought that, of all places, it might be fun to toss around here.