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"The Squeeze Is On!"

Many A’s fans have been waiting 7 years to hear those words. Not since Art Howe commissioned Ryan Christenson for the job on July 31st, 2000 had the A’s executed the suicide squeeze. Then, in the bottom of the 5th, Bob Geren gave the secret sign to Donnie Murphy and Murphy’s squeeze bunt capped off a 7-run uprising that turned what had once been a 6-0 deficit into a 9-6 lead. Sammy Sosa’s 3-run HR would tie it briefly at 9-9, Swisher’s HR would put the A’s on top for keeps, and Daric Barton’s first major league HR would prove to be in a winning cause. Final Score: A’s 11, Rangers 9.

Like Dallas Braden, Dan Meyer is showing that AAA success does not necessarily translate into major-league readiness. Meyer suffers from several problems: His fastball does not have terrific movement, his slider does not inspire hitters to chase, he has erratic command of his changeup, and his overall command is spotty enough to keep the pitch counts high.

The 3rd inning, in which Meyer and Colby Lewis combined to throw 50 pitches, was almost unbearably slow and painful—similar to watching a mouse get cornered by a sadistic cat who is in no hurry to complete a grisly and inevitable act the likes of which are rarely seen outside of Jennifer’s basement. Of course, the bottom of the 5th undoubtedly felt the same way to Ron Washington and Rangers fans.

Finally, congratulations to the Sacramento Rivercats for taking the PCL Championship three games to none by hanging on to beat New Orleans 4-3. A good night all around for the greens and golds.