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The Tragic Number

With the A's at 73-76 and the Angels at 86-61, the A's "tragic number" for being eliminated form the division is at 1. The A's could run the table for the last 13 games (hey, stranger things have happened), and the Angels would still have to win but a single game.

In the Wild Card race, things are more fluid and confusing, but presuming the Yankees maintain their lead in the WC, the A's tragic number stands at 3.

So: what's everybody's strategy for dealing with elimination? Pick another non-Evil team to root for through the playoffs? Tune out entirely? Burn your A's memorabilia and post harangues about Beane and his glassy-eyed legion of zombie followers?

Or do you continue to hang on Korach's every last syllable until the end of the game on the 30th? (Not that all of those are necessary mutually exclusive.)

The A's try to throw another armload of firewood down the basement stairs onto the Rangers today at 12:55 PT.