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All Hit, No Field

I’m talking, of course, about Mark Ellis, who may make errors all the time (didn’t he make one just, like, 102 games ago?) but he’s always good for three—heck, make it four—hits. Ellis now has 10 hits in the last 3 games, the likes of which the A’s haven’t seen since Carney Lansford did it.

Dallas Braden continued to prove that two-pitch pitchers make for 4.1 IP starters, and if you only saw this series you’d think the A’s really knew what to do with the bases loaded. Nice to see that the A’s can draw a lot of walks and win the game.

Sure, the A’s blew a 4-1 lead when Seattle scored three in the bottom of the 5th, but the A’s got right off the deck with three of their own in the top of the 6th to send the Mariners to their 15th loss in their last 17 games and pull the A’s to within 5.5 games of second place (hey, ya gotta play for something). Final Score: A's 7, M's 4. It was a great game, and I’m just sorry Chris Guccione had to miss it. Seriously, what was up with that?