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Open Thread: Game 146 - A's at Seattle

If he keeps going out there, one of these days Dallas Braden is going to win another game. Maybe. Braden hasn’t won since his major league debut on April 24th, and is now winless in 73 consecutive starts, but who’s counting? (Obviously not me—ok fine, it’s 10.)

It didn’t take Daric Barton long to get moved up to the #2 hole! I have a feeling he’ll be there for a while. After a debut that featured two walks followed by three line drives, Barton showed why he is considered one of the minor league’s finest young hitters. Jack Cust, who lately has made less contact than Michael Jackson at a boys camp sleepover, gets a much-needed night off.

Look out Jarrod Washburn, because I have the A’s down for three grand slams tonight. Come to think of it, looking at poor Braden’s 6.63 ERA…we might need it! Here’s the lineup the two lefties will face:

Stewart – LF
Barton – 1B
Swisher – RF
Piazza – DH
Ellis – 2B
Scutaro – 3B
Murphy – SS
Suzuki – C
Thompson – CF

Ichiro! – CF
Beltre – 3B
Ibañez – DH
Guillen – RF
Johjima – C
Vidro – 1B
Jones – LF
Lopez – 2B
Betancourt – SS