Singer hates Haren, loves Yankees

Did you all see this?


I know Haren hasn't been pitching spectacular lately, but last time I checked, he was still on the top of the  AL ERA list...

It's not even that I necessarily think he should be a favorite, but I do think he ought to be mentioned with WANG!!! And to not even mention him among the "honorable mentions" is completely deplorable.

Then they pose the whole article around Beckett and Wang thusly: "Just when you thought the Yankees and the Red Sox had exhausted all possible manifestation of their intense rivalry."

You know what Mr. Singer? We have exhausted it...we are f'in sick and tired of it and this is a lame excuse to promote it. Especially at the expense of Sabathia who is painted as B&W's only competition. Come on, let's just take a look at why Wang is depicted as a frontrunner over Sabathia, shall we:

Wang: 18W/3.69ERA/91K/180.2IP
Sabathia: 17W/3.15ERA/185K/220IP

Oh, you're right Singer, that extra win is TOTALLY worth the 94 fewer Ks and 40 fewer Innings pitched and higher ERA. Especially when you play on a team that has scored 121 more runs!

Wang is 14th in ERA among qualified SPs in the AL, by the way. I actually don't believe ERA should be the #1 indicator of who should win the CY, and like I said, I don't know that Haren should be in the top two or three, but when you write an article like this that refuses to even mention the #1 ERA guy as burns my ass.

And to flagrantly go out of your way to wrongfully promote the Yanksox rivalry is shameful. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel like turning off the baseball for the rest of the season.