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Open Thread: Game 115 - A's at Texas

I don’t mind the tribute Hank Aaron has taped in anticipation, and I’m ok with the presence of 300-400 additional reporters who have flocked to Arlington this evening, though I’m rather annoyed that Bud Selig is not in attendance. That’s right, folks: Tonight, Lenny DiNardo goes for career win #7. It could get crazy.

Kevin Millwood opposes DiNardo in the rubber game of this 3-game series, and…wow, the pitchers might want to go for strikeouts because the two teams are NOT putting their best defensive team out on the field. Cust and Botts in LF? Wilkerson and Melhuse at the corners? All righty then!

Said lineups:

Buck – RF
Swisher – CF
Cust – LF
Piazza – DH
Ellis – 2B
Johnson – 1B
Scutaro – 3B
Murphy – SS
Bowen – C

Kinsler – 2B
Wilkerson – 1B
Young – SS
Sosa – DH
Byrd – CF
Cruz – RF
Botts – LF
Saltalamacchialamasccherer – C
Melhuse – 3B