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A Story of Grave Importance

No, I'm not talking about all drama surrounding Milton Bradley and his remarkable ability to not just shut up (remember when this guy refused to talk to the media at the beginning of his A's tenure? I miss those days). Nor am I talking about Slingblade and Scioscia complaining about an A's pitcher nearly hitting a batter after they break Crosby's hand and then nearly do the same to Suzuki in back-to-back series. And people wonder why I despise the Angels more than any other team in baseball? Listen, Lackey, shut up. I know it's hard because you can't close your slack-jawed mouth and your Mom dropped you on your head too many times as a child, but get your jaw wired shut or something. I think Lackey has taken the crown from Schilling as the pitcher I dislike the most. Although the contest is still wide open at this point. Scioscia and Lackey have bigger things to worry about these who is going to clear the rats out of their lockers.

I'm getting off topic here. This past weekend, one of the most interesting things that people kept asking each other was what the A's should do with their new alternate uniform. There was a post about it on AN as well.

My personal feeling is that the A's should either go retro and bring back the old gold unis with the big A's logo on the left part of the chest. OR what I'm hearing more often than anything is a request for the A's to go back to the black unis from a few years ago. I really liked the black as well. Not so great for day games in a summer sport, but I really liked them. The one thing I always felt was missing from them though was some gold. So I would love for the team to use the basic black uniform with the green Athletics be outlined in gold instead of white and the green A's on the cap to have an outline of gold as well.

That's my personal feeling, but I was wondering what you guys felt. Should it incorporate more of the trademark A's elephant? Should it be retro or should we go back to having the black unis? Or something else entirely? I added a poll below for all of AN to chime in.

Oh and in case you missed it, I wanted to make sure that everyone saw the post-AN Day post I wrote. It's important to me that you all understand how much I appreciate this community. Also, make sure and check out JLaff's diary on AN Day and the photos that accompanied it.