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Open Thread: Game 111 - A's vs. Angels (AN Day IV)

Sorry to make this game thread brief, but I'm busy kludging up my pirated A's merchandise and getting ready to BART over to the Coliseum for AN Day IV: A New Hope.

A's vs. Angels. Icin' Joe Blanton vs. "Zero" Kelvim Escobar. Vlad the Impaler vs. Furmaniak the Scrambler. Nico the Inquisitor vs. Beane the Dissembler. $5 BART Bridge Hats vs. Officially Licensed MLB Merchandise.

Swisher, Stewart, and Buck all have ahd decent success against Escobar in limited PAs. Blanton looks to shrug off both his recent disappointing performances and his rumored near-departure prior to the trade deadline (watch out for Maicer Izturis, who has absolutely PWN3D Blanton to this point).

And remember that there's a tv-dictated 12:55 PT start time for the game today.

If someone could post lineups in the thread when they're announced, that'd be awesome.

Game wrap this afternoon/evening may be a bit delayed, due to my commute back from Oakland.

Please use the extra threads judiciously.

Go A's!!!