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2007 Poetic Interlude #14: ShakespeareAN Sonnet #8

In honor of the man whose "mad" dash played a crucial role in the A's victory last night, another ShakespeareAN Sonnet.

Previous ShakespeareAN Sonnets:

[Original can be found here.]

ShakespeareAN Sonnet #8

'Maniak to run, why run'st thou 'Maniak madly?

Fleet with feet A's not, base proceed to base:

Fly! Run'st thou where other Athletics run badly,

Or else plod along with a snail's pace.

If the true boxscore of well-scored runs,

By Moneyball scribed, do offend thine ear,

Then do but fleetly glide thee, who third rounds

On single hits (the starts that thou shouldst earn!).

Mark how one single, or double or another,

Strikes base by base in diamond groups of four;

Then driving in four and five after Vladdy's blunder,

Who, all in one, one pleasing win do score:

Whose luckless season being endless, seeming done,

Sings this to thee: 'The single wilt score one.'