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Open Thread: Game 136 - A's vs. Tigers

News that Eric Chavez and Travis Buck are having surgery kind of overshadows planned announcements of Jennifer’s liposuction and my sex change operation (I was planning to become a male). Since this season has been so frustrating, let’s all take an optimistic moment and think that maybe—just schmaybe—those two can heal and come back strong in 2008. How nice would that be?

Tonight, Joe Blanton takes the mound against Virgil Vasquez and the Detroit Tigers, who are still in both the division and wild card races despite their recent woes. Opportunity could be knocking tonight for Detroit, as currently Cleveland, Seattle, New York, and Boston are all on their way to losing.

The starting lineups suggest that Blanton might want to keep the ball on the ground {UPDATE: OR TO SWISHER!!!!!!!!}:

Granderson – CF
Polanco – 2B
Thames – DH
Ordoñez – RF
Guillen – 1B
Rodriguez – C
Inge – 3B
Maybin – LF
Santiago – SS

Stewart – LF
Swisher – CF
Cust – RF
Piazza – DH
Johnson – 1B
Ellis – 2B
Hannahan – 3B
Scutaro – SS
Suzuki – C