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Open Thread: Game 110 - A's vs. Angels

The long-awaited Dustin Moseley-Lenny DiNardo showdown has finally arrived! The Angels enter play 3.5 games up on Seattle, with the A's once again trying to help Seattle--just as they did last weekend when they politely dropped the last three games of the series.

Eric Chavez is officially on the DL, so Donnie Murphy's playing time at SS is safe for now--which I think is a good thing, as the A's need to learn as much as they can about Murphy the rest of this season.

I'm posting this early because I'm off to get a massage {no, the legitimate kind. Geez Louise on a stick, what is WITH you people?} Hopefully, some kind soul or Monkey will post the lineups before gametime, back around which time I will be...


Rancho Cucamonga

Willits LF
Figgins 2B
Cabrera DH
Tepes RF
Quinlan 1B
Staff Sgt CF
Izturis SS
Brown 3B
Budde C


Buck RF
Kotsay CF
Cust LF
Piazza DH
Ellis 2B
Scutaro 3B
Johnson 1B
Suzuki C
Murphy SS