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Vlad the Impaler Awakens

Apparently the A's were all out of wooden stakes, holy water and garlic because Vladimir Guerrero was resurrected from his homerless slumber. In case you didn't know, Guerrero was in his longest homerless streak of his career. He dispatched that with two home runs. Course those two home runs weren't what wound up dooming the A's in the end. Instead it was a 3-0 pitch to Garret Anderson that was grooved right down the middle for a "get me over" strike and Anderson had the green light on a 3-0 pitch. I know that the A's don't like to give their players the green light on 3-0 pitches, but that's a source of frustration for me, especially when the opposition often grooves those 3-0 pitches knowing the A's will take it.

Any way, Joe Kennedy gave up another run which helped to make Donnie Murphy's home run meaningless. That was shocking. I mean really, I'm kind of done with Kennedy at this point. He's not really providing anything useful at this point.

The A's drop one to the Angels tonight and helped to awaken the vampire from his seemingly eternal slumber. Not a good night to be an A's fan.

At the same time, one of our special guests confirmed his attendance on Saturday today, so that makes me very happy. It should be a fun Q&A. And those of you who aren't coming to AN Day on Saturday...what were you thinking???