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Ah, the ol' Little League home run

I can assert with no evidentiary or statistical backup whatsoever that every time a Major League team gives up a Little League home run, the Major League team will lose that game.

Even if they're playing a Little League team like the Rays.

(And especially if the Major League team in question is more of a Pacific Coast League team.)

We long ago in this season reached the point where Dan Haren had to pitch like, well, Dan Haren in order for the A's to win.

So when Haren doesn't quite match up his own standard that he's set this year, the A's are pretty much sunk. Interesting that in the last couple of Haren's starts, he's had (in his own words) the best stuff of the season against Toronto and his highest K total of the year today, with indifferent results.

Add some shoddy fielding, Haren's own inexplicable error in not backing up third on the LLHR, and the continued resurgence of Carlos Pena, and you have a recipe for a dismal series finale.

On the bright side, Kurt Suzuki continues to demonstrate that he does indeed belong in the big leagues, Nick Swisher's power stroke appears to be reemergent, and Marco Scutaro has emerged from the Ozzie Smith Vortex.
The weary A's head home to face the Blue Jays for three games starting tomorrow night.