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Open Thread: Game 132 - A's at Tampa Bay

I suppose, to balance things out, it's the A's turn once again to deliver the drubbing.

Let's hope that's the case.

Dan Harennahan goes for career-high win #15 today, opposed by Andy Sonnenstinnahan.

Looks like Marco Scutaro is still falling into Ozzie Smith's Spiraling Void. And Shannon Stewart gets a rare start on turf.



Stewart LF
DaVanon CF
Swisher RF
Cust DH
Johnson 1B
Ellis 2B
Hannahannahannahanandhersisters 3B
Suzuki C
Furmaniak SS

Tampa Bay

Gomes DH
Crawford LF
Pena 1B
Upton CF
Young RF
Harris 3B
Wilson SS
Guzman 3B
Navarro C