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Open Thread: Game 127 - A's at Toronto, eh?

Ah, the wicked 1-2 punch of Jeff DaVanon and Marco Scutaro! Tonight, the A’s unveil their 113th different lineup and it’s a doozy. But if anyone can win behind it, it’s probably Danny Haren, who makes another try for his 14th win of the season. Opposing him is right-handed pitcher (and pinch-runner extraordinaire) Dustin McGowan, who befuddled the A’s at the Coliseum in early July. A win would push the A’s to just a single game shy of the .500 mark.

It’s hard to say which is shakier on paper tonight, the A’s offense or defense. You be the judge:

DaVanon – CF
Scutaro – SS
Swisher – RF
Cust – LF
Piazza – DH
Johnson – 1B
Ellis – 2B
Hannahan – 3B
Suzuki – C

Johnson – LF
Overbay – 1B
Rios – RF
Wells – CF
Thomas – DH
Glaus – 3B
Hill – 2B
Zaun – C
McDonald - SS