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A Bird in the Hannahan

is worth three in the north. Yes, folks, Jack Hannahan came through early and often tonight with a double and a three-run home run. Congratulations to the young Hannahan. The thing is, it's almost always a pickup like this that seems to work out for the best for Billy Beane. I'm not sure why that happens to be, but the more high profile ones that Beane signs don't seem to rise up as much. Maybe it's just my expectations that get in the way. Although there was Frank Thomas last year. Speaking of which, I can officially say that I'm glad that the A's didn't retain the Big Hurt at the price the Jays got him. Don't get me wrong, I like Frank, I just can't see paying him for the next few years.

Hannahan is only batting .227, so I'm not crowning him the next big thing, but it's been really interesting seeing a guy that the A's front office obviously had some affection for getting a chance.

Oh, and there has officially been a Nick Swisher sighting in August. Swisher left the yard. Hallelujah and rejoice!

The big question coming out of the last two Joe Blanton starts is, "Has Joe finally gotten past his slump that may or may not have been Jason Kendall leaving induced?" I don't have the answer. But it's looking more and more like Joe has finally realized he can pitch whether or not a grizzled, unshaven veteran is throwing down the digits behind the dish. A kid with a puka shell necklace that calls him "Dude" can do it just as well.

One game closer to that magic .500 mark...