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Well, Now THAT Was A Pitching Performance

It was no eight-inning, seventeen strikeout affair like Johan-Cy, but it sure felt like that for the A’s and their fans today. Say what you want about DiNardo (and his competition today), but he provided the start that the A’s just couldn’t get in the last two games; throwing a gem of a game for eight innings to get his eighth win of the year. Huston closed it out with little fanfare, and the A’s did their part with some offense, including homeruns by Marco Scutaro (who also went 4-4), and Dan Johnson (who I didn’t think was on the team anymore).

The most telling sign of the A’s offense today was the thirteen hits they piled up, even with somewhat of a ‘B’ lineup. Everyone had a least one hit, except for Cust--who walked twice--and overall; they certainly looked the part of a solid team. The offense came through, and the pitching was lights-out. Why on earth we can’t manage this more than one game a series, I’ll never know.

But the A’s close out the homestand at 4-2, despite winning only one from the Royals this weekend, and they take their modest one-game winning streak into Toronto to play the Blue Jays, starting tomorrow. I want to see more wins, please.