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Too bad Harem wasn't pitching

With the exception of Joel Peralta, the Royals pitchers pretty much made the A's their odalisque tonight.

The A's had a great breakth--

Hi,AN'ers! JoeyGathrighthere! BoytonightwasagreatwinforKCwasn'tit? HeyI'mfast!

< shove >

Uh, what just happened there? I was trying to do the game wrap and he just, uh -- Blez, Nico, Louis, bbg, can I get a ruling here?

Oh, come on! </GOB>


Anyway, the A's offense sprang to life briefly in the 6th vs Peralta, but for most of the evening it was back to same old same old with the A's offense: lots of walks with a few but not enough hits. Cust once again provided most of the excitement (thankfully, confining his entertainments to the offensive side of the ledger), with 2 BBs, a blistering 2B, and a Baggiedome-style 3B.

Unfortunately, the A's pitchers tonight had worse luck with gophers than Carl Spackler.

As many holes as the A's offense has, this offseason and next spring training may be quite intrig--

Yo! Gathrighthereagain! Wheeeee! Fast! Speed! Wheee!


What the hell?

At least, I suppose, we can comfort ourselves that Mark Ellis was the beneficiary -- after being mugged by a crowd of Brooks Brothers-clad yuppies pounding on the glass of his workspace -- of a, shall we say, Originalist and non-precedent-setting after-the-fact intercession of judgment to preserve his errorless streak. Plus, Ellis just mkay have solidified a few more GG votes with his exceptional DP tonight.

The A's look to stop the Royals from sweeping tomorrow at 1:05.