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Open Thread: Game 124 - A's vs. Royals

Well, that was quick.

In a trio of interrelated moves, the A's sent Dan Meyer back down to Sacto, called up Dee Brown, and did not DL Travis Buck. Buck is sitting tonight to recup his leg injury, while Ty VanDaVannahan-Candy starts, uh, somewhere for the A's.

I think we can safely presume this also means that Loaiza will be called up within 4 days to make the next start in the slot Meyer filled for one game.

(And in ex-A OF moves, apparently the Red Sox have called up Kielty, and the White Sox have given Dye a 2-year extension.)

Chad Gaudin vs. Odalis Perez. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Cust sticks with that old-school two-handed glovework.



DeJesus CF
Gathright LF
Teahan RF
Butler DH
Gload 1B
Gordon 3B
Buck C
Smith 2B
Pena SS


Stewart LF
Swisher 1B
Cust RF
Piazza DH
Ellis 2B
DaVanon CF
Murphy SS
Hannahan 3B
Suzuki C