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Open Thread: Game 123 - A's vs. Royals

C’mon, sing along with me…My pitcher has a first name: It’s D-A-N-N-Y. My pitcher has a last name: It’s M-E-Y-E-R…

Dan Meyer makes his long awaited Oakland A’s debut, and his first major league start, tonight against the Kansas City Royals. Meyer gets a break, as George Brett, Hal McRae, and Frank White are all sitting this one out. Meyer is opposed by right-hander Brian Bannister, who is currently the winningest major league pitcher whose name denotes part of a staircase.

I’m at the game tonight, right behind the plate (section 117), first row behind the corporate “Hi, I’m Brandi, I’ll be bringing tons of free stuff all night; how may I spoil you first?” seats. So if you see a heavy-set, early 50s man with a beard, a long pony-tail, a deep scar running down his left cheek, and a lip ring…I could be sitting in the row in front of him. All seriousness aside, I am wearing my black AN tee shirt. Note to self: You might want to dial the ego back a bit—no one really cares if they see you or not

The post game wrap will be late tonight, but will feature my analysis from my “right behind the catcher”’s view of Meyer’s performance. Go Dan! Wait, wrong starter.

And thank you to whoever posts tonight’s starting lineups.


Royales With Cheese

Steve Deutsch 3B
Lucky Hypothethith CF
Pyrite Grrrgoldglovewich 2B
M. Manservant DH
M. Coffeerooster RF
Pea Shooter LF
Boring Nameguy 1B
The Antitravis C
Manny Sanguillen, Jr. SS


Buck CF
Stewart LF
Swisher 1B
Cust RF
Piazza DH
Ellis 2B
Minnesotan Han-Candy 3B
Murphy SS
Suzuki C