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You Can Put It On the Board...YES!

Sorry, I just like to take any chance possible to mock Hawk and his ridiculous nature.

Don't look now, folks, but the A's are now 9-5 in August. All with names like Murphy, Suzuki and DiNardo leading the way. The best news about tonight was Joe Blanton seemed to finally get over whatever issues he had. I'm not going to say that he's all the way back yet (especially considering the dismal White Sox offense), but it was good to see him throwing strikes. With Loaiza about to rejoin the rotation and Meyer probably being a part of the plan at some point (maybe in place of DiNardo?), the A's pitching seems like it's about to get a lot better. I just hope Loaiza is 100 percent because we all saw what he was like last year when he didn't have his velocity. It was like someone throwing BP.

And kudos to Kurt Suzuki for hitting a key blast that wound up being the difference in the game. Suzuki has seemed much more relaxed at the plate lately and it paid off with him pulling a pitch that was outside out of the ballpark. It made up for a blown bunt earlier in the game that he popped up.

Also, congrats to Jack Hannahan, who had his first career hit. The A's have looked a bit better of late, which is always good to see. It's exciting to see some new names contributing to A's wins because if nothing more, we don't know what to expect from these young guys like Hannahan, Suzuki and Murphy (he of the .907 OPS this month).

The A's wound up taking the series and look for the sweep tomorrow with Haren going to the hill. Hopefully the A's will be saying...they gone. Ah, Hawk, I can't help but root against you, buddy.