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Open Thread: Game 120 - A's vs. Chicago

Well, if there's one team that's been an even bigger offensive embarrassment than the A's this year, it's the White Sox. And their pitching hasn't been any great shakes, either.

Garland, in particular, has had his bad peripherals catch up with him in '07. He's also walking a lot more people than usual.

The A's counter with Lucky Leprechaun Lenny, who's managed to wriggle out of a few jams his last couple starts.

While both of these lineups have great entertainment value, the A's is actually, all things considered, pretty sensible. Yes, I never thought I'd write that about a lineup with Scutaro batting fifth -- but Scoot is 9/13 with 2 2Bs lifetime vs Garland, while Ellis is 3/23. Decent decision to give Ellis a rest and see if Scutaro's elfin magic holds.

We also witness the dawn of the Hannahan era, with the recent acquisition making his A's debut starting at 3B tonight.

Buck, Swisher, and Kotsay all return to the lineup.

Let's hope for some jimmy-jacks from our Johnny Jacks Cust and Hannahan.



Gonzalez LF
Fields 3B
Thome DH
Konerko 1B
Asshat McKneegroin C
Dye RF
Podsednik CF
Uribe SS
Richar 2B


Buck LF
Swisher 1B
Cust RF
Piazza DH
Scutaro 2B
Hannahan 3B
Murphy SS
Kotsay CF
Suzuki C