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Open Thread: Game 116 - A's at Detroit

TGIF everyone! The countdown to another weekend begins. This game would matter a little more to me if I felt like we had a better team, but unless we kidnap A-rod, and Santana (the good one), I don’t see a quick way of resolving that. However, here is today’s inspirational quote:

ArakSOT: but I want Oakland to win the AL

saklandSMASH: Empire Strikes Back needs to happen Before Return of the Jedi

I like that.

Today’s pitching match-up features AN Day’s very own starting pitcher, Joe Blanton, who looks to put together back-to-back stellar performances. Joe tossed seven innings, allowing one earned run, in his last start against the Angels. He did not fare so well against the Tigers the last time he faced them.

The A’s face off against Jordan Tata in a rematch of that game. Tata gave up two runs over seven innings last time he faced the A’s, which, coincidentally was his debut as a starter. See how nice the A’s are? They’re building pitching confidence all over the league.

And no, I'm not going to talk about the last time the A's were in Detroit, although I'm sure the announcers will. <sigh>

Tonight’s starting lineups (with extra clarification, due to the last time I posted about a player’s baseball ability).


Granderson (He’s not just an Anderson...he’s a GRANDerson, still not hot)
Polanco (not hot)
Sheffield (not hot)
Ordonez (not hot)
Guillen (not hot)
Casey (not hot)
Thames (not hot)
Rabelo (not hot)
Infante (not hot)


Stewart, LF
Swisher, 1B
Cust, DH
Ellis, 2B
Kotsay, CF
Scutaro, 3B
Murphy, SS
Suzuki, C