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Changing Approach

So I'm not usually one to give another team credit for an A's victory, but I think tonight it was clear that the Mariners didn't make the necessary adjustments to win this game. By that I mean, the umpire had a horrifically puny strike zone. Gaudin looked like he was going to be walking Mariners all night as HP umpire Greg Gibson refused to call strikes. But the Mariners decided to swing at quite a few pitches any way. Gaudin still gave up four walks, but it could've been a lot worse with a patient team. Or at least a team that recognized that Gibson's zone wasn't very large. Course the A's didn't really take advantage of it either making Batista look dominant.

Regardless, Nick Swisher had his first home run seemingly since he looked like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Bobby Crosby hit a crucial home run for the A's for once as well. Congrats to Shannon Stewart, who kept his hitting streak going. He's now up to hitting .316. It's going to be tough to ever take him out of the lineup. Then again, I doubt he remains this hot for a long time.

How great was it that Marco Scutaro started the double play that ended the game with a nice play at third? Especially after he missed a play that Chavez would've likely made to end the first inning for Gaudin with no damage. Still, Gaudin actually looked like the first inning inspired him to pitch with an edge. I don't usually buy into that, but it looked that way to me.

Geren managed the game really well, although a bit dangerously. I was thinking once Gaudin had one guy on in the eighth that it would've been a good idea to pull him, but it's clear that Geren feels like any starter not named Kennedy or DiNardo is his best option to win a game right now. And who could blame him? Then again, you only have to use Casilla for one batter and Embree had a relatively painless ninth thanks to Scoot.

At the same time, the FSN guys had Huston Street on for a few innings and Huston sounded like he would be back soon after the ASB. And Calero should be returning by Sunday barring any setbacks. Harden is supposedly going to pitch Saturday and Kielty is also close to returning. Could it be that the green and gold is suddenly getting healthy? I have to keep telling myself to not get too hopeful. Though it would be nice...wouldn't it?