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Happy Fourth of July – Hope Fireworks Are Better Than The Game

Well, the tone of the game was set early, after Kennedy put the A’s in a deep hole after pitching two thirds of an inning, allowing four runs. Shane Komine came in to temporarily slow the bleeding, which turned into a geyser by the seventh, but due to the lack of early offense (or Dustin McGowan’s pitching prowess--either way), the A’s probably would have lost the game anyway.

Cust and Johnson put the A’s on the board late, but it was another case of ‘too little, too late’ as the A’s drop the game, the series, and to two games over .500. I don’t have any suggestions for them. Pitch better, maybe? Stop walking people?

I guess all we can do is root for the Angels to lose tonight, and hope that the A’s can hang in there long enough to get a chance to play head-to-head in games that count.

The A’s take on Seattle at 7:05pm tomorrow night, as the A’s have four home games before the All-Star Break. I hate to use ‘must-win’, but geez, they are running out of chances.