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Open Thread: Game 107 - A's vs. Tigers

On paper, it looks like a terrific pitching matchup: Danny Haren against Justin Verlander. In reality, given that Verlander has no-hit a team that wasn’t the A’s, the over/under on hits allowed by Verlander tonight is -2.

Meanwhile, look for Placido Polanco to punch a single to right-center during the National Anthem and become the first player in major league history to go 2/2 by the end of his first at-bat.

No trades for the A’s today. And it looks like my fear about Scutaro playing too much SS has been solved by the fact that Eric Chavez no longer plays. The lineups:

Granderson – CF
Babe f***ing Ruth – 2B
Sheffield – DH
Ordonez – RF
Guillen – SS
Casey – 1B
Monroe – LF
Rabelo – C
Inge – 3B

Buck – RF
Swisher – 1B
Cust – LF
Piazza – DH
Ellis – 2B
Kotsay – CF
Scutaro – 3B
Murphy – SS
Suzuki – C