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Open Trade Thread: Trading Deadline 2007

Because it very well could be the last night you see this iteration of the team. Dan Johnson, Mike Piazza, Mark Kotsay could all be dealt before the 1 p.m. PST trading deadline tomorrow. There haven't been too many rumors of late, but you have to think that Billy Beane is burning up the phone lines seeing if he can start building towards 2008 right now and that means getting back some young guys who are close to being major league ready.

In some ways, the A's were lucky to take on the Angels and Seattle this past week because there is no question that the A's can not catch those teams now. The A's have 57 games left to make up 13 games and leap frog two teams. One of those teams has actually made the A's their playtoy this year after we did it to them last season. Things evening out? Perhaps.

Any way, keep a close eye on the Web today as for the first team since I can remember, Billy Beane will be a seller and be in a different position than ever before. I'm excited to see what happens. And with the way the A's have played of late, it's one of the first things I've been excited about in a while in regards to the green and gold.