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Open Game Thread: Game 105 - A's at Seattle

This afternoon, the A's and Lenny DiNardo, sporting a 5-6 record and a 2.41 ERA, take on the division rival Mariners and Jarrod Washburn, with a 8-7 record and a 4.05 ERA, looking to take the final game of the four game set, splitting the series on the road. DiNardo, while not as consistent as say... Dan Haren... has surprised a lot of people with his ability to start, eat up innings, and keep the A's close. Since his being thrust into the rotation in late May, the A's have sported a 5-5 record in his 10 starts. With any kind of good offense, his 2.41 ERA would deliver a better than .500 record.

Today, the A's will try and make up for previous shortcomings, sporting a fairly decent 1-5 top of the lineup, and a fairly "hold your breath" worthy bottom four to round it out. Were Buck and Chavez and.... Crosby... in there, we might be seeing the true 2007 A's. I also don't anticipate Scutaro providing all that much protection for Jack Cust, but what can you do? We'll see starting at 1:05.

Your 2007 Oakland Athletics:

S. Stewart lf
M. Ellis 2b
N. Swisher cf
M. Piazza dh
J. Cust rf
M. Scutaro 3b
D. Johnson 1b
D. Murphy ss
K. Suzuki c

Their 2007 Seattle Mariners:

I. Suzuki cf
J. Vidro dh
J. Guillen rf
A. Beltre 3b
R. Sexson 1b
R. Ibanez lf
K. Johjima c
J. Lopez 2b
W. Bloomquist ss

Programming Note: You can see the game locally on KICU, channel 36.