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2007 Poetic Interlude #11: ShakespeareAN Sonnet #6

[Original here.]

Then don thee Swisher's rugged thumb defence,

On thee thy summer, ere thou be DL'ed:

Make short thy hairstyle; venture thou to some base

With batting's power ere by Larry Davis thee be killed.

That you be not be ridden by injury,

Which happies those that turn the stiles at home;

Bat for thy self to score a run or three,

Or ten times happier, be it ten to one;

Ten times thy self were better than ten Hattebergs;

If ten to nine, at bat prefer we thee:

Then what could Beane do if thou shouldst depart,

Leaving, rehabbing in the minor leagues?

Be not shelved, DL'ed, for thou art much too fair

To be Davis' conquest and like Byrnes thine hair.

[ShakespeareAN Sonnet #3 here.