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Open Game Thread: Game 103 - A's at Seattle

As the London Underground signs have it, "Mind the gap."

The A's, even given the heroics of the last 4 games, remain 10 behind the Angels and 6 behind tonight's opposition, the Mariners. And there are simply too many teams between the A's and the Wild Card lead to bother counting.

Other trains of thought that may swerve closer to or farther from the platform on which I stand:

  • Is Piazza's resurgence for real, and to what end will his performance be deployed?
  • Is Braden a legit ML starter, and will his putative scroogie ever be unleashed?
  • Will Kotsay, Ellis, and Stewart continue their SSS-success vs King Felix?
  • Will the A's porous left-side IF defense be costly again?
  • Chavvy: sore, dead, traded?

No one's sure exactly which line the A's are on, or at which station the A's will ultimately disembark. So please, no shoving as you enter or exit the vehicle.



Buck RF
Swisher 1B
Stewart LF
Cust DH
Ellis 2B
Kotsay CF
Scutaro 3B
Murphy SS
Bowen C


Suzuki CF
Vidro DH
Guillen RF
Beltre 3B
Sexson 1B
Ibanez LF
Johjima C
Lopez 2B
Betancourt SS