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Open Thread: Game 101 - A's at Angels

Well, for the first time in a very long time, A’s fans find themselves being able to use a broom for something other than Quidditch. That’s right; on a scale from ‘one’ to ‘improbable’, the A’s have taken the first two games of the Anaheim series and find themselves poised for the sweep in the day game.

Of course, this depends on Joe Blanton and the A’s offense besting John Lackey. <laughs uncontrollably>

Seriously, though. Blanton, who has struggled mightily in his last few starts, would probably rather face anyone else. Although his ERA is fairly low against the Angels, he just can’t seem to win games against them, and he’s been on the short end of pitchers’ duels against the Angels several times over his career. I’d settle for him just keeping the team in this game, even if he doesn’t get the win.

As for the A’s offense, I would have to say that getting to the magic 4-spot against Lackey is a daunting task; at best, and I think the key to the game rests on Blanton’s start. The A’s can’t afford to get down early.

Such as the pattern when the A’s are winning; we need someone to play the part of the hero. Buck did his job (and then some!) last night; it’s time for someone else to have a good game.

Bobby Crosby has been placed on the DL. Stay tuned for more.





Buck, RF
Stewart, LF
Swisher, 1B
Piazza, DH
Ellis, 2B
Kotsay, CF
Scutaro, 3B
Murphy, SS
Suzuki, C

The rumors are true. Murphy is going to try his hand at replacing Crosby, at least for today. Chavez is out again in favor of Scutaro, and Piazza is the DH. Glad to see Shannon in the lineup; in a slightly-larger-than-small-sample size, he has hit Lackey well.